Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Debate Over City Motto - NOT in the Courts

Below is an interesting article about the city of Porterville, California. They are considering using "In God We Trust" as their city motto. The phrase is already found above the city's seal in the council chambers.

What is interesting about this article to me is that the debate is taking place in an open forum, and BOTH sides of the debate say they will go with whatever the voters decide. In other words, no one is using a threat of court action.

I think this is what our founders intended. People have the ability to decide such things. When the First Amendment was written it was not intended to interfere with a city's decision about such things, as long as that city is not limiting a citizen's right to worship as they see fit. I hope Porterville's people live with the voters' decision - either way.

Debate Over Porterville City Motto

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