Saturday, April 18, 2009

President Obama Says You Must Hide that Cross

President Obama recently gave a speech at Georgetown University. Before the speech could take place Pres. Obama insisted that a small cross with IHS be hidden. The university had to put a piece of black plywood over the cross to hide it.

Now, the blog you are reading here is mostly about Constitutional issues. This news story is not an example of unconstitutional behavior. President Obama may insist that a Christian symbol be hidden for his speech if he so desires. After all, it made for better staging in the concept he has built for himself. It has seemed like image and presentation are more important to him than any other U.S. President in my memory, so this is probably not intended to be a slap at Christianity as far as I can tell. Neither is it in any way sensitive to the faith of Christians.

Many Christians have taken it as a slap. Covering Christianity's most obvious icon with a black shroud is a dangerous gesture if one cares about their popularity with religious folks who take such things seriously. Would President Obama or ANY U.S. President have the nerve to cover a Muslim icon in order to create a more "dignified" set?

The full story is here:

Jesus Missing From Obamas Georgetown Speech

Below is a photo of the venue with the cross area enhanced to make it easy to see what a small symbol this is in such a grand hall:

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