Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jonathan Trumbull, Gov. of CT and Faithful Christian

Jonathan Trumbull is a famous figure in our history, especially in Connecticut. You know the type: lots of things named for him in his home state, etc. He was a judge, legislator, and was Governor of Connecticut.

As one of early founders, he would be accused by voices today of being among the atheists and deists who made up the majority of founders. However, consider his words as Governor of CT:

The examples of holy men teach us that we should seek Him with fasting and prayer, with penitent confession of our sins, and hope in His mercy through Jesus Christ the Great Redeemer.

And these words:

God would graciously pour out His Spirit upon us and make the blessed Gospel in His hand effectual to a thorough reformation and general revival of the holy and peaceful religion of Jesus Christ.

The quotes above are from two different Proclamations for a Day of Fasting and Prayer, one in 1770 and one in 1774. Both are in the possession of Wallbuilders.com

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