Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Victory, for Now, for Freedeom to Pray Before Meetings in California

There have been several posts here lately about controversy arising over some city councils that wish to open meetings with prayer. No one else is being compelled to pray along, and the prayer is not required by law. It is simply the decision of the council to do so.

Here are a couple such posts within the past 4-5 weeks:

Prayer Regulations in Tracy, California

City Council in New Richland Hills, TX, In Trouble for Praying

A new story came through about Lodi, California. They, too, were debating this issue and finally decided that the prayers were appropriate and would continue. The apparently decided that the First Amendment's prohibition against Congress establishing a national religion did not apply to a city council deciding on their own to pray before a meeting in a manner with which they are comfortable.

Read the story below:

Victory for Jesus Prayers -- Lodi CA Votes 5-0 to Allow Prayer Before Council Meetings

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