Thursday, December 10, 2009

Swearing in on Bible: Not Just for Presidents

You have heard the claims that there is no religious heritage in this country, or specifically no Judeo-Christian history to speak of. The blog you are now reading has countless examples of our religious roots. I have pointed out how almost every President of the United States was sworn in with his hand on the Holy Bible.

But it's not just that highly-visible ceremony where you will find a Bible. Consider the following short article from the National Archives. It shows the Archivist Wayne C. Grover being sworn in with the use of a Bible. Here is the description:

Wayne C. Grover, third Archivist of the United States, served as Archivist from 1948 to November 6, 1965. Here he is being sworn in as Archivist by Harold Stephens, Chief Justice of the Court of Appeals of D.C. on June 4, 1948. Senator Arthur Watkins (Utah) stands at far left, Mrs. Grover is holding the Bible, and Representative Walter K. Granger (Utah) stands at right.  Grover’s children are Mary, Jane, and Ann. By July the National Archives lost its independence as it became part of the newly created General Services Administration and was called the National Archives and Records Service.

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