Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Separation Important on the One Hand, Not So Much on the Other

I believe in all aspects of the First Amendment, including the freedom of our press. They are free to say things I don't like. They are free to criticize our leaders. They are even free to be hypocritical.

Remember back to the Fall of 2009. Catholic bishop Tom Tobin asked Patrick Kennedy, who is  pro-choice, to refrain from the sacrament of communion. For standing up for the Catholic Church's stance on abortion, the Bishop was criticized for violating the so-called separation of church and state. Many in the media seem to think our First Amendment is intended to keep the church from speaking its mind.

Around that same time, President Obama called a meeting with certain (i.e. sympathetic) religious leaders to enlist their help in promoting his health care initiative. Isn't that worthy of a "separation of church and state" foul call by the media? When, then, was the press so silent in this case? Fortunately the the press, they are not constitutionally required to be fair in their reporting.

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