Friday, March 26, 2010

Maryland's Indian River School District Allowed to Open Meetings With Prayer

The Indian River (Delaware) School Board has been one of several organizations in our country that have been taken to court (or labor under the threat of a suit) for opening meetings with a prayer. In the case of the Indian River board, a federal judge has said that may keep opening with prayer - it is Constitutional.

The issue is not usually debated along the lines of whether there can be prayer. It gets down to the content of the prayer. We usually concentrate on whether the Founders would have wanted prayer (and it's easy enough to demonstrate that they had no problem with prayer). But let's ask a different question. WHO would the Founders have wanted to determine what the prayer should be, the Federal government (via the courts) or the members of the board? That's a pretty easy question to answer if you know their history.

Read about the Indian River case below:

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