Sunday, April 25, 2010

Nearly 2/3 of Americans Think Courts Are Too Anti-Religious

Rasmussen Reports is know for its polling on a variety of issues. They became more well know during the last couple of national election cycles, when Rasmussen polls predicted the outcomes with impressive accuracy.
Bur Rasmussen also polls about non-election issues. In a recent poll they asked about public opinion of court decisions that have leaned toward limiting religious expression in the the public sphere, have taken prayer out of schools, etc., based on the notion that our Founders intended a "separation of church and state." 64% said the courts are more anti-religious than the Founders intended. On the specific question of prayer in schools, results showed people in favor of school prayer by 61% versus 31% who do not favor prayer in schools.

An earlier Rasmussen poll showed the public in favor of religious symbols on public land by 76%.

Of course, the courts are not supposed to decide cases based on public opinion, so they should not be watching polls about each case before them. But it appears to me that a majority of people share my view that the court is not interpreting the Constitution correctly, or perhaps are even choosing to ignore it in favor of more vague concepts like "fairness."

The poll results were somewhat a surprise to me because it seems that some of the important history of our country is not being taught effectively in public schools, and many students are not learning about our founding documents.

Read the full results below, including links to related polls.

64% Say Judges More Anti-Religious Than Founding Fathers Intended

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