Thursday, May 13, 2010

ACLU's Case May Be Won By Vandals

Readers of this blog (and the rest of the news/internet) will know that in the Mojave desert there is a cross put up in 1934 by the VFW as a war memorial. The ACLU sued to get the cross taken down, since it was within federal land, even though the actual plot the cross is on was transferred to private parties.

The Supreme Court said the cross could remain, and the VFW celebrated the victory. However, this week it seems that parties unknown cut the bolts holding the cross to its stand and removed it. The whereabouts are not know, and it is unclear if authorities have any leads.

So apparently come people in favor of removing the cross were going to see the ACLU win the batter one way or the other. Now that the long-standing cross is gone, it is unclear if the court will allow a new one to be put up.

I guess "winning by any means" is still winning in some peoples' books.

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