Sunday, March 23, 2008

Edit God from Song

The following is information from The Rutherford Institute:

As one outraged parent from Kansas shared:

Our seventh grade daughter is in a public middle school choir and they are singing a song called, "You Are Our Heroes," for a patriotic assembly in honor of Veterans Day. A verse in the song says "we know God blesses you," but the choir director said that "we are not allowed to use the word 'God' in school," so they are changing the verse to "we owe so much to you."

Now in the first place, this action is just silly if the school is basing it on the Constitution or settled court cases. No such requirement exists. But it is just one of many examples of the way many misunderstand the Constitution.

An interesting point is that by making this change, the school may actually have broken a federal law: copyright. Buying a work covered by copyright does not give one the right to modify it in any way except by written permission from the publisher. Unless the choir director wrote to the publisher (or owner of the copyright), it would be against the law to change the work.

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