Saturday, August 2, 2008

ACLU's Perspective on the First Amendment

According to an ACLU lawyer during an interview on CNN,

"...the ACLU exists to defend all fundamental rights for all people, regardless of their politics, regardless of their religion, regardless of what social groups they belong to." In the same interview, she said "the ACLU believes very strongly that the two religion guarantees in the U.S. Constitution, one of which is free exercise of religion, the other of which is separation of church and state, both have to be enforced to be sure that individual religious liberty is preserved. Our framers recognized that if the government gets involved with religion, that is as dangerous to religion as it is to government, precisely because religion is so private, so sacred, so special, it has to be maintained in the realm of the family and in private places of worship. The government may not get involved in religion."

Notice that the lawyer expressed the "free exercise" clause accurately, but expressed the "establishment clause" with the words of Jefferson's letter.

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