Friday, December 5, 2008

National Christmas Tree

Yesterday I posted about some of the controversy over having Christmas recognitions at state building. Many forget that such things have been (and are still) a tradition. While I was in the military I had the pleasure of taking part in the lighting of the official National Christmas tree several times, and our county's seat of power also lights an official White House Christmas tree each year. Here is an article about the former:

Bush Lights Tree in His Last Year in Office

Our Constitution forbids any law that would establish an official national religion that all citizens would be forced to worship. However, based on writings and actions of the Founding Fathers who were around at the time of the Contitution's writing, we are completely free to recognize Christmas each year.

This is recognized in House Resolution 888:

Whereas in 1870, the Federal government made Christmas (a recognition of the birth of Christ, an event described by the U.S. Supreme Court as `acknowledged in the Western World for 20 centuries, and in this country by the people, the Executive Branch, Congress, and the courts for 2 centuries') and Thanksgiving as official holidays;

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