Sunday, December 7, 2008

Seattle Atheists Speak Out

On Thursday, Dec. 4, I posted a story and opinion about a display at the Washington state capitol building. It was put up by the Freedom from Religion Foundation and had some rather negative words to say about believers. In a press release yesterday, the Seattle Atheists said they disagree with the tone and content of the FFRF's message. Even though I still disagree with the whole concept that government has some kind of "equal time" obligation to meet during the Christmas season (because religion is an integral part of our history and national tradition, and this is an official national holiday), I thank the Seattle Atheists for speaking out against the hostile message posted by FFRF.

Here is the story:

Seattle Atheists statement regarding FFRF sign

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CrypticLife said...

Thanks for noting this. Too many think of atheists as some monolithic entity or think they all fall into the same mold.

I would be much more specific as to what I actually object to in the FFRF sign. I don't object to it saying religion is myth or that there are no gods. However, they make another assertion -- that religion does nothing but enslave minds and harden hearts. That's not only harsh, it's vague, ambiguous, and unsupportable.