Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mississippi Constitution - Bibles in School

The Mississippi Constitution, from 1890, says in its Preamble:

"We, the people of Mississippi in convention assembled, grateful to Almighty God, and invoking His blessing on our work..."

In Section 40, the Constitution provides the oath of office for the state legislature, judges, and all other state offices. The required texts all end with, "So help me God."

In Section 18 (boldface added):

"No religious test as a qualification for office shall be required; and no preference shall be given by law to any religious sect or mode of worship; but the free enjoyment of all religious sentiments and the different modes of worship shall be held sacred. The rights hereby secured shall not be construed to justify acts of licentiousness injurious to morals or dangerous to the peace and safety of the state, or to exclude the Holy Bible from use in any public school of this state."

Note that the state Constitution says the government may not prevent the Bible from being used in school.

See the whole Mississippi Constitution

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Dirk said...

This is awesome! Section 18 should be in all state constitutions.