Monday, July 13, 2009

Religious Affiliations of Delegates to the Constituional Convention

This point has been addressed previously on these pages, but her is yet another authoritative source debunking those who continue to say our founders were mostly not religious men. This excerpt is from the National Archives. It is from a page summarizing the backgrounds of the delegates to the Constitutional Convention. Boldface was added for emphasis.

"Most of the delegates married and raised children. Sherman fathered the largest family, 15 children by 2 wives. At least nine (Bassett, Brearly, Johnson, Mason, Paterson, Charles Cotesworth, Pinckney, Sherman, Wilson, and Wythe) married more than once. F our (Baldwin, Gilman, Jenifer, and Alexander Martin) were lifelong bachelors. In terms of religious affiliation, the men mirrored the overwhelmingly Protestant character of American religious life at the time and were members of various denominations. Only two, Carroll and Fitzsimons, were Roman Catholics."

Read more at the National Archives Website

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