Saturday, May 2, 2009

Media Bias, Continued - Teacher Bans Foxnews

I have posted before about the bias in the media. Apparently it has also spread to the academic community.

Recently a student at Traverse City West Senior High School was lectured in front of his class for reading Foxnews. This was not about reading a news website during class, because that was apparently part of the expected class activity. The lecture was about his choice of news sources, claiming that Foxnews is unacceptable; he should prefer the BBC or other sources.

Overall, Foxnews is a conservative channel. Its talk shows often feature conservative personalities. However, as a news source it has shown itself to be more balanced than most media sources out there - certainly more balanced that the most popular sources among the general public in the USA (check my previous post on media bias to compare CNN and Foxnews on one revealing search term). But even if its news coverage were balanced to the right, that would be a good way to balance the left-leaning news sources that prevail on TV and in print. However, if your own point of view is far to the left (as I suspect this teacher's was), then a balanced source would seem far right, and a left-wing source would seem balanced.

See the whole story here: Student Says Teacher Scolded Him for Viewing

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