Thursday, May 28, 2009

Religious Signs Prohibited at Public Event, Norfolk VA

The First Amendment (part of the Bill of Rights) from the U.S. Constitution, protects freedom of religion and freedom of speech. It also prohibits the federal government from making a law establishing a religion. Consider whether that framework is balanced correctly in the following story.

The Norfolk Harborfest is an annual public event. Two Christian were prevented by the town from wearing sign boards with a Christian message and distributing Christian literature in a public park. With the help of the Alliance Defense Fund, the Christians won the right to spread their message. The town reversed its stance and said that requirements for permits would be based only on the size of the group.

It's too bad citizens have to go to court to regain such fundamental Constitutional rights, but at least there are groups like the ADF to help them. Read more at the link below:

Norfolk officials: Christians welcome to express faith in public park during local celebration

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