Saturday, May 17, 2008

Censor the Pledge in Junior High School?

(From the site: National Aliance Against Religioius Discrimination)

A teacher attempted to censor the Pledge of Allegiance. An instructor at Faust Junior High School in Chambersburg, Pa., told students he was eliminating the words "under God" from the pledge, which is recited every day at the school. He explained that the school was a public facility and that mentioning the name of God was unacceptable. A parent contacted the Rutherford Institute, which contacted the school's principal, who quickly made sure there would be no censorship of the pledge. "Students and teachers have the right to recite the pledge in its entirety," the institute's Ron Rissler said.

(Religion Today. Current News. 10-16-98)


CrypticLife said...

Has there been any follow-up in the last ten years, or was there anything else to this?

History Matters said...


This issue was resolved (out of court!!), as noted in the original post. Please see today's post for another example. It is an ongoing issue, and I'm sure I will post more examples in the future.