Thursday, May 22, 2008

Does the ACLU Have a Particular Agenda?

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has existed for many decades. The title of the organization sounds pretty good to most of us. After all, who is against civil liberties? But they do not apply their considerable force uniformly. Consider the following post from National Alliance Against Christian Discrimination:

"A constitutional attorney says a lawsuit filed by the ACLU over Florida's Pledge of Allegiance law is 'much ado about nothing.' With the help of the American Civil Liberties Union, 17-year-old Cameron Frazier has sued the Palm Beach County School Board, alleging his teacher punished him when he refused to stand for the Pledge. The suit claims the student's First and Fourteenth Amendment rights were violated, and seeks to overturn a state law that requires students to show written permission from their parents before abstaining from reciting the Pledge.

"The ACLU recently ignored a request from Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo to defend an Illinois student who was disciplined for refusing to stand for the Mexican national anthem. Brian Fahling,an attorney with the American Family Association Center for Law & Policy, says the liberal ACLU group is employing an obvious double standard. 'For the ACLU to come in on one case and not the other, or to hold the view that somehow they're different, would be hypocritical,' said Fahling."

(Agape Press, January 3, 2006)


Francis Bacon said...

Don Wild Man (Wildman) has no problem firing people with disabilities. He even sent his attorney to fire an employee while in a psychiatric hospital under suicide watch. Case now pending before Federal Court (Aberdeen MS) for ADA violation.

History Matters said...


I have no particular admiration for Donald Wildman of the AFA. At first (years ago) I was interested in his group because of their basic mission (family values and all that) but it became clear after a short time that his was not an organization that does things in the way I want to. However, I was not relying on his moral authority or opinion in this post. I think the basic facts are enough of a story. (I know it's always possible to find some example that seems like hypocrisy with any individual or organization, but the ACLU does clearly seem to have a unidirectional mindset based on years of my own observation.)