Monday, May 19, 2008

Madison Wisconsin - Censor the Pledge?

From the website of National Alliance Against Christian Discrimination:

"The Madison (Wisconsin) school Board is taking heavy criticism for a decision effectively barring children from saying the Pledge of Allegiance in class. Saying The Pledge is a daily part of class for Mrs. Weiss' second-graders at Rawson Elementary in South Milwaukee. But, it's the 'one nation under God' line that the Madison School Board found offensive.

'What I wanted to do was eliminate that which would be repugnant to those who believe very strongly and would have their personal and political beliefs violated by group coercion,' Madison School District board member Bill Keys said.

J. J. Sprague of South Milwaukee said, 'It's poor timing, very poor timing. This is a time when the entire country is uniting and we are all praying for the survivors and the victims of the recent national disaster.' On 10/9/2001, The Madison School Board announced that it will reconsider its decision after the school district received 426 e-mails and phone calls with only five supporting their decision."

(The Milwaukee Channel. 10/11/2001.)

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