Wednesday, November 5, 2008

George Washington Carver, Credit to God

It is often said that faith in God has not played much part in our country's history. Yet there are countless quotes from official figures that say otherwise. And there are probably even more quotes from other well-known figures who were not necessarily part of government but still played a role in shaping our history and/or culture.

In testimony before the Ways & Means Committee of the United States Senate in 1921, George Washington Carver told us of his faith and how it is part of his life. A senator asked:

"Dr. Carver, how did you learn all of these things?"

Carver answered, "From an old book."

"What book?", asked the senator

Carver replied, "The Bible."

"Does the Bible tell about peanuts?"

Carver answered, "No sir, but it tells about the God who made the peanut. I asked Him to show me what to do with the peanut, and He did."

Jones, Charles E., The Books Your Read, (Harrisburg, PA, Executive Books), 1985, p. 132

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