Friday, November 14, 2008

No Free Speech on Door Handles

Here is a summary of a recent case of discrimination against Christian free speech. In this instance the case was settled in favor of free speech and against an unconstitutional enforcement by the village of Kewaskum, Wisconsin (a town of about 4,000 residents).

Michael Foht was passing out Christian fliers by placing them in door handles of houses. A resident complained to the police, who them informed Mr. Foht that he had to stop or by subject to a fine of $172 for each flier and possible arrest, based on a village ordinance.

The Alliance Defense Fund represented Mr. Foht in court, who won in court. The decision caused the village to repeal the ordinance, and the village paid Mr. Foht's court costs of about $11,000. The court said the "municipal code of the Village of Kewaskum was facially unconstitutional pursuant to Supreme Court and Seventh Circuit precedent."

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