Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lawyer Works to Restore Christmas in Schools

In Missouri, an attorney named Dee Wampler is working to bring back a recognition of "Christmas" in the public schools. He began to be interested in this cause when Springfield changed its "Christmas Vacation" to "Winter Break."

I believe that is important to recognize that we have a diverse population in this country, and that not everyone is Christian. However, there is no doubt that Christmas has been recognized in this country at all levels of government starting before the United States became the United States. It is a very important part of our history. Remember the story of George Washington and the troops at Valley Forge over Christmas (depicted in the photo here)? Christmas is still an official U.S. holiday. All government offices are closed on Christmas. Why, then is it inappropriate to recognize that the reason things shut down on December 25 is that we are recognizing the birth of Christ? (Whether or not Dec. 25 is the actual date, is suffices as an anniversary to celebrate the birth of Jesus.)

The article points out that there has never been a judgment saying you can't recognize Christmas. It also (wisely, I believe) suggests that citizens work through their school board to restore logic to the school calendar.

Read the entire article here:
Lawyer fights for 'Christmas' in schools

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Always On Watch said...

I work with homeschoolers.

We're right up front with the terms "Christmas Break" and "Easter Break."

When new students come in from the public schools, these students sometimes point out, "You can't use those words." Well, we homeschoolers can indeed use those words -- and we do!