Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Media Bias, Different Reporting Depending on Who Is President

As mentioned before on this site, part of the reason there is such a misunderstanding of the First Amendment is that the press today are convinced of the premise of "separation of church and state" at the expense of the premise of "freedom of religion." But that is not the only issue where the press may have an unbalanced view. The press corps leans hard to the left in general. (See previous posts about voting tendencies of the Washington Press Corps, for example).

A new insight has been added to the web by Newsbusters. They point out how the coverage of the country's financial situation was quite negative when President Bush was in charge of a fairly strong economy, and has been "un-negative" or even positive now that President Obama is presiding over a very troubled economy.

Read the report here:
Comparison: Economic Reporting Under Bush, and Under Obama

And here is another example. In this case, it introduces the game "find the party" so you enjoy the news a little more. There is a marked tendency to show party affiliation when a scandal involves a Republican, but to make party affiliation much harder to spot when the scandal involves a Democrat. In this case the genesis of the article was a recently-reported affair by a Republican Senator. They compare that coverage to markedly different treatment when an earlier scandal involved a Democrat Governor.

See the article here:
He's No Eliot Spitzer; ABC, CBS and NBC All Brand John Ensign a 'Republican'

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