Monday, March 23, 2009

More Media Bias - New York Times Leaves Out Dodd's Party Affiliation

I have covered media bias only rarely in this venue. The posts you find here are mostly about the First Amendment Religion Clauses, but some of the misunderstanding about our history and the First Amendment is due to unbalanced media coverage. So I consider media bias an important thing to watch for.

Most Americans are aware of the scandal about AIG's bonus payouts. Sen. Chris Dodd of Connecticut is deeply involved and has been feeling pressure from the pressure. Dodd is a Democrat. Usually the press is more kind to Democrats than Republicans, but even so Dodd has been receiving some tough interviews from the media.

But the New York Times isn't quite ready to abandon its standard leaning in favor of Democrat ideology. In a story about Dodd's troubles they did not mention his party affiliation in the print edition! The online edition mentioned it in paragraph 4. The headline did not even mention his name.

Here is the story:

Times Forgets Sen. Dodd Is A Democrat

Don't forget this is a game you can play at home! As you read the paper or your online sources, notice the language they use. If it is a scandal story, where is the party affiliation mentioned? Does that typically vary depending on whether the subject is a Democrat or Republican? Read the story below for more information.

My original post on media bias was about 6 months ago. You can find it here:

Do Popular News Sources Lean Left?

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