Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Chaplain of Our House of Representatives

Even before our country was our country (before the Constitution) we had official prayers in the federal arena given by paid chaplains. One of the first acts of the Congress after ratifying the U.S. Constitution was to appoint paid chaplains.

In July, 2009, there was a guest chaplain in Congress named Jonathan Falwell. He wrote of his experience and the "separation of church and state" follow-ups in the World Net Daily blog. While this won't be new information to regular visitors to the blog you are now reading, he pointed to acts in history, including some by Mr. Separation of Church and State Thomas Jefferson, that would curl the hair of separationists today. Of course, those whose hair would curl may believe that today we understand the Founders' intentions must better than the Founders did.

Read his post here:

A great honor, by Jonathan Falwell

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