Friday, August 14, 2009

Prayer at Meetings in Chesapeake, VA Challenged

In the town of Chesapeake, Virginia, the city council has a tradition of starting its meetings with prayer. However, as in many other towns, the Wisconsin-based "Freedom from Religion Foundation" is making a legal case against the practice.

Such a claim by the Foundation is not in keeping with our country's history and it is not against the Constitution or Bill of Rights. The First Amendment of the Bill of Rights prohibits Congress from making a law establishing a national religion. Some people think the 14th Amendment carries that prohibition down to the state level (and some disagree with that point). Even if we accept that premise, does a town council praying before a meeting hold anything like the burden of a state law that might establish one religion for the entire state?

Many towns decide not to fight this type of action because it is costly. Fortunately for Chasapeake, the Alliance Defense Fund has offered to defend them for no charge. (The Freedom from Religion Foundation usually makes the same offer to an atheist or other objecting party in a town.) So the town is able to fight the objection.

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