Sunday, August 2, 2009

Oliver Wolcot, Founding Father

We hear that our Founding Fathers were not religious people. There are many examples to refute that statement on this blog. Here is another example, from a lesser-know Founder, Oliver Wolcot. He was a signer of the Declaration of Independence and Governor of Connecticut. This example is found at the Library of Congress, Letters of Delegates to Congress: Volume: 3 January 1, 1776 - May 15, 1776, Oliver Wolcott to Laura Wolcott, April 10, 1776.

God give us Strength to travel the upward Road. May the divine Redeemer conduct us to that Seat of Bliss which he himself has prepared for his Freinds; at the Approach of which every Sorrow shall Vanish from the human heart, and endless scenes of Glory Open upon the enraptured Eye. There our Love to God and each other will grow stronger, and our Pleasures never be damp'd by the Fear of future Separation. How indifferent will it then be to us wheither We obtained Felicity by travailing the thorny or the agreable Paths of Life, wheither We arrived at our Rest by passing thro the envied and unfragrant Road of Greatness or Sustained Hardship and unmeritted Reproach in our Journey; Gods Providence and Support thro the perilous perplexing Labyrinths of human Life, will then forever excite our Astonishment and Love. May a Happiness be granted to those I most tenderly Love which shall continue and increase thro an endless Existence. Your Cares and Burdens must be Many and great, but put your Trust in that God who has hitherto supported you and me, he will not fail to take Care of those who put their Trust in him.
As to News inclose you a Paper in which the latest most material Resolves of Congress are inserted. The Tea now in the Country will undouptedly in a Very few days (by Resolve of Congress) be permitted to be consumed. The general Complexion of Affairs gives little ground to expect an Accomenedation with Great Britain on former Terms. Nothing as I hear of has happened of Consequence since my last in the Southern Colonies. There is a great Ardor amongst the People this Way in support of American Rights. The low Torys under the Mark of Patriotism are converting every Measure to perplex the Whig Interest. They are sensible that Things must soon make an absolute Crisis and they are now making their last Struggles, but they will be ineffectual. It is most evident that this Land is under the Protection of the Almighty, and that We shall be Saved, not by our Wisdom nor by our might, but by the Lord of Host who is wonderfull in Councill and Almighty in all his Operations.

Visit the Library of Congress to research more about our country's history.

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